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ESR - Eric Swahn Racing

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Podcast - The EricSwahnRacing.com Podcast started in May, 2020 and is already up to episode #68. I talk to people involved with motorsports and a variety of other  interesting people for an hour or two. 

Sales - ESR specializes in motorsports products for motorcycle roadracing, motocross, mountain biking, and car racing. We are an authorized dealer of 35 brands, from Accossato to Works Racing Parts. We use eBay, Amazon, and ShopESR.com as our main sales channels. 

Racing - Eric participates in motorsports, racing, & trackdays: Motorcycle roadracing, supermoto, car racing, karting, simulator racing/esports, mountain bike racing, foot racing, triathlon, Tough Mudder events, and working as a Track Marshall. 


Eric & ESR Quick History

- 2006 Began riding @ 14 on a Kymco People 250 Scooter (dad's)

- 2008 My first street bike - 2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250

- 2011 Motorcycle Trackday season - 2006 Kawasaki 636

- 2012 Novice Motorcycle Roadracing - 3 1st place Championships

- 2013 Expert Motorcycle Roadracing - 2 2nd place, 2, 3rd place overall          championships

- 2014 Expert Motorcycle Roadracing - 2nd place, 3rd place overall championships

     Formed ESR LLC

- 2015 Expert racing, earned Pro License but couldn't find enough sponsorship to continue, had a bad crash and had to stop racing due to finances. 

- 2016 June, 2016 I began setting up an online store selling products more seriously, with the goal being to replace my day job and fund professional motorsports competition.

- 2017 Expanded the products available on eBay

- 2018 1 Motorcycle Trackday - Triumph D675R, Beginner Mountain Bike Racing - 1st place Champion, Foot Racing (2) 5K, 10K Half Marathon

    ESR -  Adding vendors, refining my process, and expanding my product lines

- 2019 Sport Mountain Bike Racing - 4th place Overall, Foot Racing 5K
     ESR - Uploading new products

- 2020 Began Simulator Racing, Started a Podcast

     ESR - Always expanding product lines

- 2021 League night Kart racing champion, (3) supermoto trackdays, (2) car trackdays, (8) Track Marshall Weekend events, continuing to podcast & put out original content weekly. 

     ESR - 35 Motorsports Brands Available

- 2022 My goal is to get everything I have access to through my vendors, listed online for sale. Over 10,000+ unique items & 35 motorsports brands. Continue podcasting at least a few times per month. I really want to get back into sportbike motorcycle trackdays and racing. 



Your purchases go directly towards helping me put food on the table.

I greatly appreciate your support. 

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