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Eric Swahn Racing - ESR 

We are Fast, Accurate, and Competitively Priced! Come see why hundreds of customers have already chosen ESR. We have over 2,500 items for sale as of 2018 with categories ranging from Motorsports, to Clothing, and Books. We're in over 500 categories on eBay, and aim to get into as many as possible. 

Located in Sterling Heights, Michigan, United States of America we ship Monday - Friday by 15:00 EST. We ship through USPS and FedEx.

ESR is owned and operated solely by Eric Swahn. Eric started on track in 2011, progressed and raced with WERA for a handful of seasons. Within 4 years he went from a complete newbie to a pro, earning his Professional AMA/FIM United States Motorcycle Roadracing Licence to Compete in the MotoAmerica 600 SuperStock Championship. 

In 2015, he had a very serious highside race crash with the pit wall guard rail that forced him to take a step back from racing due to both the financial, and physical injury limitations. Grateful to have survived this incident, with zero lasting injuries he's more determined than ever to get back out there, to compete at the highest level in America.

That's where the business of ESR comes into play. After being laid off out of the blue twice within 2 years, he had enough. It was time to do this business full time, to create financial security, a career, and to design the life that was always imagined. 

You could say that we really started in 2011 with the track lifestyle. Our LLC was formed in August, 2014 but we really didn't start with an ecommerce presence until mid 2016. 

- 2011 Started with Sportbike Track Time Trackdays

- 2012 was Eric's first full season of Novice racing

- 2013 Expert racing

- 2014 Formed ESR LLC

- 2015 Pro Licensed, Hospitalized - Last race was 05/03/17

- 2016 June 10th, 2016 I began selling items on eBay

- 2017 Working full time on my business

-2018 Adding vendors, refining my process, and expanding my product lines

This is owned and operated solely by me, Eric. Friends and family help out on occasion. Your purchases go directly towards helping me put food on the table for myself and my family. I greatly appreciate your support. 

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